5 Top Tips For Fish Sauce- Nước Mam

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1. Use within 1 year of opening.

2. Buy a cheaper brand for cooking and marinating; I use the Thai brand pictured below which costs $2.50 for 750ml bottle.

3. Buy the first press or a more expensive brand of fish sauce for when you want to eat it straight from the bottle and when you are making nước mam chấm, the flavour is more subtle compared to the Thai brand which is saltier. I buy Du Son which is made in Vietnam on an island called Phu Quoc, which is renowned for its fish sauce, this 750ml bottle costs $3.50.


4. Store the  fish sauce bottle on a plate or tray in your pantry, this will stop the drippings  from spreading in your pantry.

5. Make a batch of nước mam chấm ready to go in your fridge, they have a shelf life of 3 months in an air-tight jar, here is my recipe for nước mam chấm.

Happy eating!

Lady Rice xx


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