Growing up Asian in Australia

I have just finished reading this lovely book which is a compilation of short stories, poetry and comic. Growing up Asian in Australia, is edited by Alice Pung,  gives a hilarious and often touching account. A must read for everybody!



The Happiest Refugee

Anh Do gives a personal account of his terrifying journey from Vietnam to Australia, where his family came close to losing their lives. But luckily the family makes it to Australia and Anh Do grows up to become one of Australia’s much loved comedian, actor and motivational speaker. When I first picked up the book I couldn’t put it down until 5 hours later. I was glued to the pages laughing and crying, especially with the broken English used in the book because it reminded me of my childhood and my parents trying to speak English. One line that my brother still teases my mum about, is when she said “you know when you die go there?” It took us a while to get it and when we did, we all shouted “cemetery!”

After the fall of Vietnam on 30th April 1974, many lives were changed, including mine. Our story and many others started the same way as Anh’s, unfortunately some families had tragic endings encountering rape and murder. My family escaped Vietnam in a small fishing boat at the beginning of 1979 and arrived at the Malaysian refugee camp Paulo Bidong. We lived in the camp for 6 months under tough conditions and finally arrived in Melbourne on the 12th of September 1979, I was two years old.

We grew up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, mum and dad working long hours to support 3 kids. No matter how hard it got we were thankful we arrived safely to this lucky country.

I hope you buy the book and read this wonderful story, it can be purchased through the link below or through Allen and Unwin the publishers.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Happiest Refugee – very funny reading and easy to get through in one sitting!

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