Hanoi Springrolls at Dong Que Footscray

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Today I lunched with the ladies at Dong Que, 102 Hopkins St Footscray. We ordered delicious Cha Gio Dong Que or as the menu listed “Authentic Springrolls”, (as a native southern Vietnamese, I quietly disagree), these springrolls are a Hanoi specialty because they are wrapped in ricepaper, which gives it a chewier texture.

The prawn spring rolls we ordered were a bit thin, I was not impressed with the size and I couldn’t really see any prawns. They were still tasty, but hey anything deep fried is good!

For mains, we shared Chao Tom Banh Hoi- Sugar Cane Prawns and Rice Cakes. The rice cakes were steamed perfectly and tasted like soft little pillows. The combination was perfect with juicy Sugar Cane Prawns.

We also tried the house special, a Hanoi dish called Bun Cha Thang Long or Grilled Fish Fillets with Rice Vermicelli.

The dish looked great as it came out sizzling and fragrant but the actual flavour of the fish was underwhelming and tasteless . The dipping sauce packed more of a punch, made from fermented fish it is very pungent. Be careful with it, don’t get any on your clothes or you will end up smelling like a fish market. This is not a first date kind of dish.


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  1. Linh says:

    Yum Yum Yum

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