The Best Bread Roll in Sunshine

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Banh Mi Thit – Vietnamese Pork Baguette

The best banh mi thit or Vietnamese pork baguette in Sunshine is from Selina Hot Bread Bakery. I tested all three Vietnamese bakeries along Hampshire Rd in Sunshine and Selina’s roll came up trumps. The roll was warm and crusty with a light spread of butter and pate. Which encased a selection of cold pork meat and crunchy sweet pickled carrots and daikon.  My favourite part of the roll is the crispy caramelised onions which leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. Finally it was garnished with wafer thin slices of spring onion and coriander.  If you are in the area make sure you go and visit Selina Hot Bread Bakery at 5/30 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine for their $3.50 rolls.


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7 Responses to The Best Bread Roll in Sunshine

  1. Sue says:

    Hi, Lady Rice. I love the simplicity of your post. I live out west and visited many, many places over the years.
    Ask the emergency workers in the area where the best places are – they always know!
    Enjoy all the trialing and testing.

  2. Lady Rice Lady Rice says:

    Thanks for the tip Sue :)

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  4. Shereen says:

    Awesome! That’s funny timing that you were just rwieeving this place. Banh mi is perfect cart food I like it as it’s one of the few foods you can eat while you walk. Sometimes I’m in a hurry (or starving or there’s bad weather) and many dishes require sitting down to eat properly. I think I’ve seen banh mi at a cart in the 5th/Stark pod as a side item, but never a cart focused on them.Plus one of the reasons I started eating at the carts was the goal of eating lunch for around $5. Many carts are now inching up to the $6.50-8 range. I understand food costs, rents, etc have risen, but still, cart food should be somewhat cheap. So $3.50 for a great sandwich leaves me some extra $ for chips!

  5. Jen says:

    I absolutely agree that Selina’s hot bread tastes best, but I think over the year(s) the owner had been changed… nevertheless it is great compared to the other two, one which sits 2-3 stores down. However, nothing to do with taste wise of their loved banh mi, but the customers (predominantly mens in their 30’s – 40’s) which litter the whole of outside and sometimes in the store. I’ve once went to buy a banh mi when I was younger along with a relative and there was just this weird…really..scary and disgusting old guy in a trench coat with dangly dread locks (he was Vietnamese) staring at me deliriously. This has scarred me and I’ve never ever visited there ever again (but I have eaten from there because I have some one else buying it for me).

    • Lady Rice Lady Rice says:

      Hi Jen,

      Unfortunately this can happen anywhere, the best thing to do is ignore them. I used to feel intimidated too but I just keep walking. I think you are right and the owners have changed.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  6. richie says:

    hi Lady Rice, great review, and i wholeheartedly concur! i love this place, the friendly people that work there are the icing on the cake of, for me, the best bbq pork roll i have found anywhere, ever. and still $3.50. if anyone reading hasn’t tried a selina pork roll, do it!

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