Hội Chợ Tết Footscray- Vietnamese New Year Festival in Footscray 2013

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Melbourne was blessed with perfect weather yesterday, not a cloud in sight. Footscray hosted the East Meets West Lunar festival,  one of the many Vietnamese Lunar festivals in Melbourne. The streets were the lined with stall holders, loud music and Vietnamese opera blaring from speakers. The wafting smell of smokey food being cooked on the bbq and charcoal was exciting, it brought me back to my childhood.

Growing up I always looked forward to going  hội chợ tết with my family and seeing my friends there. The highlight was always the food, my parents would let us spend our li si money on whatever we wanted. It was so much fun racing around the different vendors and deciding who had the best Bò Lá Lốt (beef in betel leaves) or Nem Nướng  (pork skewers). Nothing has really changed I still search and look at each stallholder first before going back to the one with the most tempting food.

Characters in traditional costumes

Above are characters in traditional Vietnamese costumes.


Dried squid- ladyrice.com

Mục Khô- this pungent dish of dried squid is grilled over charcoal before being shredded and served with chilli and plum sauce. Best beer food according to my dad.


Banh Khot- ladyrice.comBanh Khot- ladyrice.com

Bánh Khot- a small cake that is made from rice flour, coconut and turmeric. It has a crusty outer layer and is filled with prawns and mung beans.

Bo la lot- lady rice.com

Bò Lá Lốt- beef in betel leaves didn’t disappoint, juicy and fragrant from the lemongrass. It was delicious.

Banh chuoi- ladyrice.com

Bánh chuối- Grilled sticky rice filled with banana and drenched in coconut cream.


Angel cake- lady rice.com

There was a couple of new dishes I had not seen at the festivals in Melbourne before and this was one of them. Their called Angel cakes,  BBQ rice-paper filled with egg and spices. Soft in the middle with crunchy ends.

Banh trang tron- ladyrice.com Goi Bánh Tráng-  was the other new dish I hadn’t seen before. It is made up of rice-paper, shredded carrots, papaya, Vietnames mint, grilled cuttlefish, quail eggs, dried shrimp and topped with a pungent fremented fish sauce with chilli. I am not sure if this dish was created here in Australia or brought back from Vietnam but I love it and encompasses all things that Asians crave for in a dish. Crunch, spice, sweet, heat, chewy and of course salty.

The perfect party dish for a hot day with a cold beer.

Chúc mừng năm mới- Happy New Year

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6 Responses to Hội Chợ Tết Footscray- Vietnamese New Year Festival in Footscray 2013

  1. Jackson says:

    Boo! I missed it :( Will have to try next year!

  2. Linh says:

    Yummo !!! favourite time of year

  3. Tracey says:

    Yum – love the smell of cooking food at festivals!! Thanks Lady Rice for the delicious pics!

  4. Lady Rice Lady Rice says:

    Jackson, there will be more events around Melbourne check out my post on locations!

    Thanks Linh and Tracey, glad you like the pictures :)

  5. Neil says:

    Could you please let me know when can I register a stand in Vietnamese Tet Festival in Footscray this comming Feb 2014? My Phone 04888 31571

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