Mojo Kombucha and Sliquid at Sustain Expo

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Two weeks ago Mr Ladyrice and I went up to Sydney to attend the Sustain Expo.  It offered me the opportunity to learn about new healthy and organic products available in Australian. It was great to see that a majority of the new products being exhibited were made by Australian companies and small businesses.

There were a couple of products in particular that caught my eye. The first one is  Mojo Kombucha, strange name but a fantastic product. Mojo was started a few years ago by Anthony and his wife who developed the health drink containing Kombucha. What is Kombucha?  It is a live  culture made up of yeast and bacteria Lactobacillus bacterium.  The Lactobacillus bacterium is known to support a healthy digestive tract.

Kombucha was discovered over 2000 years ago in China, where they made the drink through a unique fermentation process. A living culture of Kombucha transforms the traditional ingredients to create a natural health elixir. It is said to assist in balancing the mind, body and the spirit. The modern version, which Mojo have created using these age old Chinese principles was refreshingly enjoyable and tasted like ginger beer – which I love.    (maybe hyperlink to Mojo’s stocklist on their web site – I couldn’t find it) Mojo is now being sold in Melbourne so look out for it at your local or contact them directly here.

 Ok, the next product may not fall into my usually category but it is one that Mr Ladyrice and I thought was fantastic.  We visited the Sliquid stand, which sold sex products such as lubricants and eco-condoms. All Sliquid products are glycerine and paraben free and the organic lotions have been blended with certified organic botanical extracts that heal and support the body. All the lubricants are Ph neutral, which makes them safe to use while trying to conceive. The products are environmentally friendly and 100% vegan and best of all in non-sexual packaging, which is awesome for those of use that a little on the shy side. I spoke with Michael, the owner of Sliquids Australia and he said that the products have been hugely successful in Adult shops and they are now in the process of going mainstream.  Fantastic products for all those hypo-sensitive people.

The company is looking for Melbourne retailers to stock their goods.

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