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In our time poor society it is not very often that we connect with other people in a meaningful way. Rushing around trying to get to work or just getting through the week, we don’t often have the time and energy to do other things. So we push aside events or invitations because we are too tired.

We forget that it is the connection with other people that gives us meaning in our life. The high we feel when we speak to someone that ‘gets’ you. Or when you share something that makes you laugh from deep within your belly and erupts to make your body shake and your eyes shed a tear or two.

I would love it if you could spare a few hours and join me at the launch at Platform of Women, a place where women can come and share or listen to other women and connect. Tell your friends and family, email them the link and share the love!

Launch of Platform of Women is Friday 27 July 2012 at Veri KoKo in Brunswick. Tickets can be purchased at  

With $10 from each ticket sale going to charity – the charity  will be announced on the night. Platform of Women Invite

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