Glazed Honey and Soy Quails- Chim Cút Nướng

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Quail is comfort food for me; as a child my mum would fry us each a bird served on big plate with rice and vegies. She would let us sit on the couch and watch TV, a treat for us.

These days the fragrant aromas from the spices as the quail is cooking gets me excited and brings a smile to my face because I know that I will end up sticky fingers from the honey and soy, as I did when I was little.

If you haven’t tried quail before, these delicious little birds are quite meaty for a small bird and, have dark meat like duck.  They do taste gamey but its not as strong as duck.


6 Quails, cleaned and halved for ease of cooking

2 cloves of organic or local garlic chopped finely

3 tablespoons of Soy Sauce

3 tablespoons of Organic Honey

1 teaspoon of Chinese Five Spice

2 tablespoon of oil

A pinch of pepper



Mix all the ingredients together and massage into the quails. Leave to marinade for at least 2 hours, but for best results marinate over-night in a non- reactive bowl.

When they are ready you can pan fry them or cook them under the grill for 7-10 minutes on each side, basting from time to time.

Serve with rice for some finger licking goodness!

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