Wagu Steak With Anchovy Butter

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Looking for something to cook tonight? Why not try this easy peasy recipe? Plus the garlic and anchovy butter gives the steak an extra kick in flavour !

Grab your favourite cut of steak, I have used a Wagu Scotch Fillet from LL Wagu. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on both sides and set aside ready to fry.

Using a mortar and pestle, bash 1 anchovy, 1 garlic clove and  1 tablespoon butter into a fine paste and set aside.

Next fry the steak to your liking. I like mine medium rare, so roughly 3 minutes on each side in a very hot pan. The cooking time can be longer or shorter depending on the thickness of your steak.

Finally take the steak out to rest on a warm plate (approx 3-4 mintues) and  scoop the butter on to the steak so it can melt it’s juicy goodness all over it. Serve with some greens and a big glass of South Australian Shiraz.

Check out LL Wagu for cuts and prices, they also attend a few Farmers Market too!

Have a beautiful day!

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2 Responses to Wagu Steak With Anchovy Butter

  1. Tracey says:

    i cannot wait to have a med rare steak!! Drooling over this pic.

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