Red Boat Organic Fish Sauce

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Fish sauce comes in many sizes and colours. Most widely used and known in Australia is the Thai Fish Sauce Squid brand and Three Crabs. However in the last few years there has been an increase in varieties of fish sauce and particularly from Phu Quoc island in Vietnam where it is reputedly known that the best fish sauce in the world is made there.

Fish sauce is mainly used in Asian cooking, interestingly the Romans used fish sauce in their cooking and in some parts of Italy they still use fish sauce in their dishes. Fish sauce is used for marinating, cooking and as a dipping sauce.  

I have been searching for an organic fish sauce for a long time now and have had no success. Last year I found Red Boat Fish sauce online and was very excited but also  quickly disappointed because  they were only available in the US.

Early this year I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the bottles at my local Asian grocery store. Finally they had reached our Australian shores!

What is so special about Red Boat fish sauce?

Red Boat fish sauce is made in an organic and traditional way. The local fish cá cơm is salted on the boat as it is caught then it is placed in wooden barrels. Red Boat does not add chemicals, sugar or MSG to ferment the fish. Some cheap fish sauces are made in concrete tubs with MSG, sugar and chemicals added to speed up the process.

Red Boat fish sauce is left to ferment for over 1 year and then extracted, the best fish sauce is the first extraction Nước Mắm Nhỉ. Some factories flush more water through to collect the fish sauce and sell this on. However this second or third extraction is inferior and very salty. Red Boat only sell the first extraction.

How does it taste?

Good quality fish sauce is salty at first but has a sweet finish and unami flavour, which comes from the high protein content from the fish. Like a good quality olive oil, quality fish sauce has a complex flavour.

The purity of the fish is indicated on the bottle with Red Boat there is 40°N/1L  which is  highest level of purity you can get on the market. This figure indicates the concentration of fish protein in each drop of fish sauce.

Fish sauce is also very good for you, it is packed with essential amino acids, B vitamins (including B12), calcium, phosphrorous, iron, iodine, riboflavin, and niacin.

Be prepared for the hefty price tag on them, I bought mine for $9.75 which is expensive considering you can buy a cheaper brand in the same size bottle for as low as $2.20. What you are paying for is quality and a product that uses only natural ingredients and age-old methods. This is fish sauce is at its purest- it is worth the money- trust me.

Here is a clip on how Red Boat fish sauce is made.

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11 Responses to Red Boat Organic Fish Sauce

  1. Dan Nicolescu says:

    Can you please suggest to me as to where from I can purchase the Red Boat brand fish sauce (be it online or street shop) – I reside in Sydney. Thank you so very much for your input in fish sauce.

    • Lady Rice Lady Rice says:

      Hi Dan,
      Red Boat Fish Sauce is stocked at most Asian grocery stores in Sydney. I was advised by the Australian stockist that they supply to Cabramatta, Bankstown and Merrickville. I’m from Melbourne so I can’t give you specific addresses but you can contact the stockists directly on 03 93914319. Cheers Lady Rice :)

  2. Lachlan G says:

    Just wondering where this would be stocked in Melbourne?
    I live in Clayton, so could find some Asian grocery stores there, or in Springvale or even Box Hill at a pinch…

  3. sally says:

    Could you please tell me where I might be able to buy this in Brisbane? Thank you

    • Lady Rice Lady Rice says:

      Hi Sally,

      You could ring the stockist on 03 93914319 to find out where the nearest stockist to you. You could try Inala or Sunny Bank where there are alot of Asian stores. Good luck!

  4. Deborah says:

    What are the ingredients of this fish sauce? I am looking for one that does not have any sugar added… Thank you!

  5. Belinda says:

    It’s a shame Red Boat fish sauce is not actually certified organic … I looked it up on their website and found they state with honesty it has no certification.

    Your heading RED BOAT ORGANIC FISH SAUCE is misleading and thought you’d appreciate knowing because there’s such a great movement back to true organic healthy foods, but unfortunately a lot of false labeling … I’m sure you feel the same way.
    Thanks, Belinda

  6. Margaret says:

    I have read that fish are not ever categorized as “organic” but straight out of the ocean and salted, what else could you call it other than organic ?

  7. Lisa says:

    True organic food has to certified to be 100% organic. I do like that you only use two ingredients, meaning there are most likely no GMOS. Please let me know if you’ve done any testing for chemicals or pollutants in that could be present in the water where you fish?

    I purchase some food items at Whole Foods Health Food Store, from a company that sells sea vegetables & dulse, called Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. They are certified as OCIA organic because of these tests: Chemical, heavy metal, petroleum, radioactivity, & microbiological contaminants. Many of us in the U.S. and from around the world want to purchase only tested products from oceans, rivers, lakes etc. My wish is that you’ll test for all the above, because many more consumers like myself will purchase your food items. More and more people are becoming concerned about such things. You’ll also be able sell much more products in healthfood stores, both online and in brick and mortar stores. Please take this into consideration, because I’d love to try your wonderful fish sauce.

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