Sao Cafe in Sunshine

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I was in Sunshine with my mama, picking up some things for dinner from the Asian grocery store when my hunger pains hit. I turned to mama and said I needed some food and a  sweet caffeine hit, mama said she knew where to take me. We headed down along Hampshire rd towards Selina Hot Bread when she stopped abruptly in front of Sao Cafe. I stood at the entrance and said “are you sure?” At the front  sat Vietnamese men huddled around small tables talking loudly and smoking, it certainly looked like a mens club and we were intruding. “Have you eaten here before?” I asked mama.

“They have the best Vietnamese coffee on the strip!” mama exclaimed, “but their coffee is the most expensive amongst the bakeries and restaurants.” Puzzled I said “how much?” Mama had here serious face on and whispered “an extra twenty cents.” I tried not to laugh and asked so how much a cup of coffee cost, expecting City prices of $4 and above. Mama quickly said “$3.50″ and pushed me in.

We ordered our coffees, 1 black (cafe da) and 1 white (cafe sua da). It was delicious coffee. It was exactly how I expected it to be, strong, sticky, sweet with a caramel after taste. Ahhh a good Vietnamese coffee is a treat.






What about the food? Well, mama ordered dried egg noodles with pork and prawn (mi sao tom thit) and I had prawn wonton noodle soup with pork (mi wonton tom thit). My meal was average, the broth was bland and lacked seasoning but mama’s meal was tasty and had more flavour. I will definitely be back for a takeaway coffee. Sao Cafe is located at 308 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine.


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3 Responses to Sao Cafe in Sunshine

  1. Jan Brickman says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat blogs

  2. Kenny says:

    Have wondered about this place. Tried it for lunch once … Plan A, unavailable. Plan B, unavailable. So I left! The many blokes smoking and gossiping outside is rather daunting. Or should that be taken as a Good Sign? Like dog-eared menus and on-table condiments?

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