Snow Pea Tendrils

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Snow Pea plant- lady rice

Snow pea tendrils or snow pea shoots are grown in the early stages of the plant before it flowers. The tendrils are soft and edible, you should be able to pinch them off with your fingers. We have grown 3 plants which have grown rapidly and give us a good amount of snow peas every few days since they started to flower.

snow pea tendrils and snow peas

The tendrils can be eaten raw, steamed or sautéed. In many Asian restaurants the tendrils are stir fried with garlic. The snow peas and tendrils are a good source of Potassium and Vitamin C.

Wonton soup-

Here I have simply blanched the tendrils and snow peas in the wonton soup.

You can purchase tendrils from specialty shops and Asian grocery stores. I have found it difficult to purchase organic tendrils so we grew our own. The snow peas and tendrils will last up to a week in a sealed bag in the fridge. Look for vibrant green leaves and peas with no blemishes or browning.

Enjoy xx

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  1. I’ve never used tendrils before. interesting post! I can imagine how great it would be in won ton soup

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