Veg Out St Kilda Farmers Market

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Veg out farmers market. lady

Veg Out St Kilda’s Farmers Market is on the first Saturday of each month between 8.30am and 1pm.

Come down and grab some juicy grapes, dried fruit and nuts.

Fresh juicy grapes. ladyriceDried fruits and nuts.

Or if you are a potato person visit the stand that sells over 8 varieties of potatoes, some of them heirloom. I bet you won’t find Royal Blue at the big supermarkets.

Brown mushrooms. ladyrice.comWorld of potatoes. lady

Another great stand is the pistachio one, where you can find different varieties of pistachio, my favourite has a hint of honey. Also make sure you get your hands on one of these delicious snack of crispy tempeh.

Pistacios. ladyrice.comCrispy tempeh.

I hope to see you at Veg Out St Kilda Farmers Market soon!

Peanut Farm Reserve
(right behind Veg Out, and also behind Acland Street)
Chaucer Street, St Kilda, Melbourne.

More info
For more information on market operations and stalls, email the market manager at

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