Vietnam in February 2013

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I have spent this weekend organising and booking my trip to Vietnam. Mr LR will be meeting my extended family for the very first time! My grandmother is very happy, I haven’t been back since 2007. Mr LR and I will also be traveling to Hoi An, Hanoi and Laos.

Here are  some photos from my trip 5 years ago. Below is my mum and ba noi (grandmother on dad’s side) watching the rain. Looking forward to sharing my pictures and adventures with you!

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4 Responses to Vietnam in February 2013

  1. Vanessa says:

    How exciting Ann! You are going to have the most amazing time, and I can’t wait to see your food photos and hear about all the experiences. x

  2. Laurel says:

    Fun times for you and Mr LR. Looking forward to hearing all about the yummy food you guys will eat x

  3. CaAtherine says:

    That’s awesome news Ann! I can not wait to hear about the amazing adventures…x

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