Warrigal Greens

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warrigal greens- lady rice

I recently discovered Warrigal Greens also known as New Zealand spinach or Tetragonia Tetragonoides. It is native to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Chile and Agrentina.

Warrigal Greens have a similar taste to spinach which means it is quite a versatile vegetable. The down side to Warrigal Greens is the high levels of oxalates in the leaves so it cannot be eaten raw. Leaves and young stems should be blanched to remove the toxins and the water discarded. Don’t be alarmed or put off, eating small amounts of oxalates isn’t harmful, it actually just tastes bitter.

Once blanched Warrigal Greens can then be used in the same manner as spinach, I have been using it in my stir fries and as a side dish. The reason why I love this vegetable is because it still retains its a good shape and texture and there is still a crunch when you bite into it.

It is currently not commercially grown but you can find some at the local farmers markets or you can grow your own.

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