We are moving

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The next few weeks, things will be a little quiet on the Lady Rice blog. The time has come for me to finally pack my things and move into my new house, hooray!

With so many boxes lying around the house it got me thinking about how much we accumulate and don’t use. My good friend CaAtherine is on a mission to Spring clean her pantry and has decided not to buy anymore dry goods but to only eat what is there.

When you think about it, it is amazing how much food we waste because it sits in the back of the cupboard, forgotten and by the time we find it, it has expired.

With Spring around the corner maybe it might be worth considering what’s in the back of your pantry?

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2 Responses to We are moving

  1. CaAtherine says:

    I found a jar of ‘pears in cranberry juice’ dated – ready for this…. 2004! What the hell was I thinking – ‘saving it for a rainy day?’ It’s an interesting journey eating my way through the pantry, as you learn to substitute items and create wonderful meals out of what you have on hand.

    Another thing that Ladyrice didn’t share with you is my fridge died and I’ve been living out of the bar fridge for two weeks. This means cooking only what is going to be eaten and not being tempted to buy 5 kilos of apples because they are on special and then throwing half out because they went soft.

    It’s a challenge – but so far so good.

    Thanks Ladyrice for a great blog – Happy moving!

  2. Kellie says:

    I’m doing this also, trying to clear out the pantry – it must be the taste of spring looming xxxx

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