Lady Rice is back!

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The last 6 weeks have been hectic and chaotic to say the very least. We have finally found a lovely home to call our own and will be moving in there in two months. Recently, with my husband, we have been living the life of gypsies; house sitting friends’ homes, as well as being the dutiful Asian daughter living with her parents, brother and family. That alone is worthy of a blog “how to survive living in a house with 6 adults and one baby” My husband and I have managed to stay sane and together, but it hasn’t been easy. I have been blogging where I can, tucked away in corners of dinning rooms, lounge rooms, cafes and libraries. Soon I will have what every woman needs according Virginia Woolf “a room of one’s own.”

Ahh, the blissful day will soon arrive where I can set up my own desk and computer and look out to my own backyard.

After discovering a charming old store in Footscray I also tried to set up a bricks and mortar shop and fantasised about setting it up with reclaimed and recycled wooden chairs and tables. I wanted to sell the goodies I found at the farmers market, however after drafting the business plan and submitting an application for the shop, the numbers didn’t add up. There were too many permits for the council and more revenue to be raised. So I scrapped that plan and decided the best place to bring you the amazing goodies I love is through my site; for now it’s a small range but I will be building it with more goodies for you.

If you have any suggestions or a product that would be perfect for Lady Rice, or would just like to contact me and say hi, you can do so at or PO BOX 5093, Sunshine VIC 3020.

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2 Responses to Lady Rice is back!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Welcome back Lady Rice, we’ve missed you! Wow that is some serious living arrangements you have going on. Bring on those next 2 months :-)

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